The combination of classic sustainable ingredients with fascinating historic essences. 

Mysterious. Bold. Sophisticated. Secret.

The mini tulip in one bottle.

Scent is everywhere, waiting to be discovered, eager to share the beauty within them.

Experience the scent of the extraordinary mini tulip yourself. TULPP is 100% handmade in the Netherlands combining bulb waste and creativity. There is a limited batch of 5000 unique bottles, each containing sustainable TULPP perfume.

A special reminder to experience a rhapsody, the nature or to alarm the human body. Absorb these seemingly meaningless moments we all tend to overlook and trigger your senses to turn reality into dreams and pure wisdom.

A Flower that only selected people could grasp. A flower that became a symbol of elegance and determination.







TULPP unveils the unknown secret scent of the real Dutch tulip, offering a fragrance experience that reminds you to that special destination. 


Inspired by the waste the bulb industry is producing, looking for new opportunities where waste still could be very useful. Leaving thousands of mini tulips behind in the production world of tulip bulbs.  Result: discover the scent behind those mini tulips in one of the 5000 unique bottles of TULPP Perfume. Let’s go sustainable!

Centuries ago, adventurers had to travel for years to discover places beyond imagination. The exploration and trade from the ends of the earth, brought unfamiliar products on Dutch ground. Only a few accomplished to take back tulips home. The bold, elegant and popular prevailing flower stirred futures markets, before people could take a breath. The color. scent. touch. appearance. taking over the value of canal houses in A’dam.

A Flower that only selected people could grasp. A flower that became a symbol of elegance and determination.



Quality and care are very important. TULPP is highly concentrated, but safe for human and body. We continuously strive to improve and better our products in ways that serve the environment, people and the world. Therefore, we use organic ingredients whenever possible and are aware and minimizing the footprint of our business. For all that nature can’t provide, we use safe alternatives that are cruelty free.

A souvenir brings back a memory on short notice, while an experience is reminding you on next level to that special destination. Inspire people all around the world, by that special feeling of your experience. It will transform your mood, brings back a wonderful memory and atmosphere of tranquility. Appealing for every sense, giving a new dimension to perfume.